At the disposal of the grower 5 different timers with which to manage lights, ventilation irrigation pump or other necessary tools in the grow box; 1000 Total Watts. The presence of linear timers and alternating ignitions will give the grower greater ease of management for the instruments used.


It cools or heats the environment according to the minimum and maximum values ​​set for light periods and dark periods. Maxima will manage the fans, the extractors, the heating KEEPING the stable environment thus ensuring the ideal climate for your plants.


The right percentage for all stages of growth. Also for the humidity, the settings vary according to the lights. Once the maximum values ​​have been set, the control unit, operating extractors or dehumidifiers, will make sure to give your plants the right humidity in every phase of growth.

Automatic Control

a computer that can control the tools in the grow box in order to obtain the best growth environment for any plant that wants to grow the grower. The instruments can be controlled manually or by switching on and off via the touch screen, or automatically via our software.

Industrial technology at HOME!

Domotic and Cultivation.

Management 24/7

Grow Box's Climate:
Probes and Dedicated Functions

The use of the Maxima control unit in the management of the environment.

The probes, one for temperature and one for humidity, can be placed in the Grow Box in specific points to have a more effective reading of the growth environment and improve where necessary.

Automate your indoor cultivation!

Touch Screen

New generation's hardware and software Inside.


Multilingual and easy to use.


You can use it without any modification anywhere in the World.


Degrees Celsius e Fahrenheit.


In case of need, only the interested component is activated.


Made to last in time.

Energy saving

Grow Box optimized to 360°, from the instruments to the plants.


Balanced trend.


Screen against overhangs, overloads and overheating.


Grow Boxes sheltered.


Change the climate of the Grow Box at any time.


Ideal environment for plants.


Aphids, molds, growth blocking, climate stress.


Eliminate the problem Naturally.

Free time

Less daily management, total control every second.


Climate, Lights and Irrigation.


Increase or decrease the power of the Maxima control unit.


After consultation with our technicians.

✘ Climatic Stress.
✘ Dehydration.
✘ Proliferation of diseases.
✘ Slowdowns of growth.

✔ With Maxima they will only be a memory.

From the necessity of being able to guarantee the control of a grow boxanche when I do not know it's at home, in 2015 the Coltivo Instruments was born, focused on producing an instrument dedicated to a single purpose: to facilitate the achievement of the objectives of the grower. Three years of testing later, our solution is available in the European market. Company's Missions are to provide innovative tools, to listen to the needs of our customers to help them get the most from their indoor cultivation..

Ease of Use and Energy Saving are the Key words.

For the Growers It is our motto.

Coltivo Instruments.

Development and construction of machines for indoor cultivation.

Home Automation



2 Years of Guarantee


Certified Quality

The Maxima control unit adapts to YOUR way of cultivating!


We are located in the south of Rome, Italy. Precisely in Aprilia.
We produce only on request, we use European components.

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