Coltivo Instruments, established in 2015 from the passion for Domotics and Coltivations. We develop machine for professional Growers. Our main goal is to bring, into the indoor coltivations, tecnology innovation, easy to use and energy saving. After an accurate activity of Research and Development, we're proud to show you, the control unit MAXIMA for the managing of a Grow Box!




2 years Warranty

Industrial Gears

Certified Quality

The Machine

The Control Unit MAXIMA, provided with a Thermostat, Humidistat and two different types of timers for: Lights, Irrigation's Pomp and a device of your choise.
The Software is strictly developed for the managing of the cultivation.

Just plug in the devices like:
air fan, the extractor, the lights...
Set the control parameters such as:
Temperature, Humidity, Switch-on times...

Complete management of your Grow Box.

How it Work:

Touch Screen 4,3"

Domotics & Coltivation

Thermostat and Humidistat

Keep the climate under Control


the Days and the Nights


On Soil, Hydroponic and Aeroponic

Additional Plug

Air exchange or additional light


Use it Everywhere

The Qualities

Look the conforts and the advantages!

  • Energy Saving

    Consumption only if Necessary.

  • Boost the Yeld

    Best Enviroment for any phase of growth.

  • Aphids or Molds

    Avoid the development of the parasites.

  • Double Timer

    Suitable for your favorite tilling.

  • Intuitive interface

    App Style and in 17 languages.

  • Small size

    9,05 x 10,23 x 7,08 in. - Weight: 8,81 lb.

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Coltivo Instruments use only Certified and Quality components.

Shipping throughout Europe

Get the maximum from your Grow Box!

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